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Solar Pool Heating in Houston Tx

July 5th, 2008 · 11 Comments · Green Products, Green Service Providers

Solar pool heating is clearly the most cost effective use of solar energy on earth. These systems save home owners hundreds of dollars monthly by replacing up to 80% of pool heating cost.

Solar pool heating systems can be designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and typically use low cost polymer “unglazed” collectors. These collectors are typically mounted on the roof of a home or a nearby support structure.

The basic components of a solar pool heater are the solar collectors, an automatic control system, diverter valve, and associated piping. These components are simply added to the existing pool pump, timer and filter.  A conventional back-up heater can be added or the existing pool heater can be used to back-up the solar system on cloudy days or evenings.

During summer months the solar pool heating system can be used to cool outdoor pools with the simple flip of a switch.



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  • Kathleen

    Pool Owners can also consider an energy efficient variable speed pump with programmable keypad for scheduling options. Typical pool pumps can use more than $100 of electricity per month – something to think about~!

  • Chris Griffith

    Just stopping in to say hello!

  • steph

    Hey Kathleen, That’s so true. I think Ralph is going to get on soon and write about that. He offers them with APS.

    Hey Chris, Thanks for stopping by. :)

  • Ralph Parrott


    You are 100% correct. Most pool owners are not aware that in some cases your pool pump(s) often account for the second largest energy load on a home.

    One way to offset this load is with a solar powered pool pumping system. This includes a DC motor that is connected directly to solar electric panels. You can also put a calculated amount of solar panels on your home and tie them into you power supply to directly offset the energy the pool pump(s) are consuming.

    Both of these are great combinations with energy efficient pumps since the greatest need for filtration pumping is during the daylight hours. Solar during the day and the remaining necessary turnover flow can be completed in the evening.

    Ralph Parrott
    Alternative Power Solutions

  • R. Karen

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong.

  • steph

    Hi R Karen, Thanks for stopping by. What is it that you found different?

  • Mark Veach

    Varible speed pumps by several manufacturers are a great energy saving ideas, they are very costly but they work. Dont forget that a solar electric power system is money better spent considering federal tax incentives. A system designed with all of your electrical needs in mind will greatly reduce your energy costs and inthe long run will give you the greatest overall benefit (example-pay back, tax credits, greater re-sale on your home, fight cost of energy inflation).
    Mark Veach
    Solar Design and Construction .net

  • Bruce

    Does anyone know of a company in Houston that sells and installs solar pool heaters? I don’t have the skill set to install a system myself and don’t like being on my roof one bit!

  • steph

    Hi Bruce,

    I have forwarded this over to Ralph Parrot with Alternative Power Solutions. He sells and installs Solar Pool Heating….

    Thanks for stopping by! (I don’t like being on my roof either) :)

  • Ralph Parrott


    Please feel free to contact either myself or Christian Lofton at (713) 595 6375.
    I can also send you a budgetary price list for our solar pool heating systems if you email me at


  • Barrett Kelsoe

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