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Which Home is Yours?

July 5th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Green Houston Topics

Mine is the Green one

Let’s pretend that the picture to the right is a snapshot of the homes for sale in your Community.  There are a handful of homes available, but there are only 5 Buyers lurking around.  It is a race for curb appeal, staging, and upgrades.  A battle of advertising wits to get the most showings with Photos on MLS, Videos on YouTube and Virtual Tours online.

But most of these all have Granite Countertops, Stainless Steel Appliances and Plasma TV’s staying with the home.  There are some with upgraded carpet, extra crown moulding and pools or heavenly back yards.

Ok, back to the picture.  Is there one that catches your eye, one that stands out more than the others? Why does green make it different?

I really am getting somewhere, just bear with me another minute.  Here are a few things that I have NEVER heard from a client while showing homes:

  • “I am buying a home 45 miles from work and it would make me SO happy to find the home in this Community with the highest electric bill.”
  • “Living in Houston for a long time, I have bad allergies/asthma and I enjoy it. Find me the home that will aggravate my allergies/asthma the most.”

and last but not least:

  • “I absolutely LOVE home maintenance.  I want a home with rotted wood, lots of single pane windows that radiate heat as I read the newspaper and appliances that will need to be changed out next year.”

I personally believe that these items are overlooked in separating homes while they are For Sale.  All of the three points above are getting in to what Green Homes are about. Yes, what most would consider ‘Environmentally Friendly Homes’.  It is all over the News, every magazine, Reality TV Shows, it doesn’t end.  Even if your home is NOT Green, let’s look at what really could make it the Green one in the middle that sticks out.

Energy Efficiency-

So, you have always been ahead of the curve in making a comfortable home with LOW Utility Bills.  You chose Radiant Barrier when you replaced your roof, changed out your Windows to Double Pane to keep your Living Room or Master Bedroom cooler, upgraded to Energy Star Appliances AND put in a brand spankin’ new 15 SEER A/C System last year.  All of that made your bill 40-50% less than the Blue homes around you.  Let’s Frame it!  Take that last Electric Bill and show it to the world!  Loud and Proud!

Water Efficiency-

Do you live in an area with high Water Bills or a Water Shortage?  What changes have you or can you make to your home that would appeal to a Potential Homebuyer?  How about Sprinkler System with Rain Gauge, Low Flow faucets or toilets, or a landscaped yard that requires minimal watering and/or maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality-

This topic would appeal to that large group of homebuyers that need less dust or allergens in a home, a group that is growing by leaps and bounds every year.  Did you opt for the Whole House HEPA Filter in your A/C System?  How about very little or NO carpet, Low or No VOC Paints and adhesives when you put in Hardwood floors and remodeled?  Home Buyers looking for these options REALLY do know that it will benefit them.

Home Maintenance-

Ahhh, the one item that really hits home.  The Cost vs. Value report is put out once a year to show what upgrades and changes recuperate the most money within 12 months. Did you know that Double Pane windows in Houston on this report show that you can get over 80% of your money back within one year?  New siding on the home is OVER 90%!!  This also goes back to move in condition and Convenience, two topics that Potential Homebuyers LOVE to hear about.

These four topics can really draw a crowd and statistics show that Home Buyers are willing to pay a Premium.  Whether your home already has these items or you just know that changes are needed to sell, these are items to consider.  What is IN your home can help your Listing Agent make it the one that Stands Out From The Crowd!  Which Home Is Yours?


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    Hello webmaster , I agree with this article, just sometimes I read so fast everything and I miss things that after read them again, I can understand it better.. ;). Your ome Is Yours? | TurningHoustonGreen Blog Stumbled up and Bookmarked, so I keep updated on every article you write from now now on homes sale.

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    Wonderful post – I was working on a similar article which I will probably still write, but from a slightly different angle. Thanks for sharing this with your readers…I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

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