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A Confession-I Love Polls! Would Pay More For LEED?

August 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Green Houston Topics

I was just thinking and remembering a poll I did about a year ago on another website that I contribute to which made me think- I really do enjoy polls.  It is so interesting to see the responses from people, how people think about certain topics..

And sometimes, they help me with marketing and to keep builders and developers updated on what area residents are looking for.

First, I’ll share a poll I did about a year ago.  I was curious to know what would make people build green.  The way I worded the responses was also designed to help educate people on the benefits of homes and also see the driving factor to build green for the people, that were at the time, wanting to go Green in their homes.  The results were quite interesting.

Now, that poll was done on a website that gets visitors from around the globe.  This site is more designed for Houston so I would like to know what your thoughts are.  The topic of discussion in residential Real Estate around the area is: “Do Homebuyers see the benefit in buying a LEED Certified Home and exactly how much more would they be willing to spend?” Because LEED is quite costly right now because of materials that are needed and not so easy to find..and due to the custom aspect of construction some builders are not taking the dive to Go LEED.

Personally, I believe that a large handful of Homebuyers in the area would spend more to get a home Certified because the benefits of owning a LEED Certified home are so amazing, I thought I would put a poll out there to see if I was right! So, Would you spend more for a LEED Certified home?  If so, how much more would you spend?

I am leaving the option of Other so that you can explain why if your answer is No. I usually post the results in the format of a new blog post once I get to atleast 25 votes.


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