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Introduction to the Hypothetical Remodel in Houston

September 24th, 2008 · 4 Comments · Green Houston Communities

It is so amazing that people that I work with looking to buy homes that are as green as possible.  However, there seems to be more of a consumer demand than homes on the ground ready to go right now.  So in the beginning with clients there seems to be some frustration as to what really is green.  On top of that, the homes that are built green right now may not be in a location that one is looking or even with the features they are looking for.

The misconception is that one must purchase a ‘new’ home or one that has been all decked out be Green.  When you think about it, how Green is it to tear down a home and send the debris to a landfill?  How about the Reuse side of Green?  Why not take a nice home in a great location and make it Green?

Buying a home as a tear down to build is a great option but unfortunately it can take the price of a home well outside of the price range for some buyers or maybe one needs to move quickly.  To buy a new Green home inside the loop may limit you to a 3 story townhome which some may not be physically able to buy or want.

Are there options to buy an existing home to make it Green? Absolutely.  You do not have to have thousands of dollars in cash or sacrifice living in the home when it is not up to par.

The Hypothetical Remodel Series is about just this topic.  It is about opening doors for Homebuyers to go Green in Houston and to point out all of the tools available to you.  This will likely be an ongoing and never ending series of posts, but here is what we will go over:

  • Energy Audits– How they can help you buy the right home
  • Mortgages–  How to find the right home and have your GREEN Improvements rolled in to it so that you can move in to your GREEN home ASAP
  • ASID and USGBC ReGreen Program–  LEED Remodeling guidelines that can take the most Environmentally UnFriendly and Unhealthy home to a dark shade of Green at LEED guidelines and what the process entails
  • Different Products–  What products can help get your older home GREEN
  • Pricing–  There will be information on how I look at the price of a property to make sure that you do not over improve and what improvements will likely improve your property value

I have gathered the top GREEN Experts around town to help out with this.  We are using real homes, real comps and real designs to use as an example.  Some of the examples will not actually have any work done but it will show how to find the home, what the process is to figure out what improvements you want to make and what the mortgage would be afterwards.  The first one lined up will be a Bathroom Remodel with Energy Efficiency in mind as well.

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