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Hypothetical Remodel- Larger Master Bathroom!

December 19th, 2008 · 5 Comments · Green Houston Topics, Uncategorized

Now we have the Energy Audit out of the way, we can look to see what it is going to take to make the Master Bathroom a little bigger and to get it updated to what you want. Let’s take a moment to remember what we are working with.

The 2300 sq ft home built in 1959 with a Master Bedroom that is a pretty good size but the Master Bath is pretty small with poor ventilation. Well, that’s nothing that can’t be fixed, right?

As part of this Hypothetical Remodel we called out Designer Grace Coffman with Grace Coffman Designs and Michael Strong with Award Winning Brothers Strong Remodeling.  Both of these Professionals are HIGHLY knowledgeable with the USGBC and ASID ReGreen Remodeling Guidelines to make Renovations as Environmentally Responsible as possible without sacrificing quality, comfort and Dazzle!

Here are some before photos of what we saw when we arrived:

Remodel Green before pictureGreen Remodel older bathroom

In the one photo we have the Vanity area that adjoins the Master Bedroom and enters to the Bathroom on the left.  Then we enter the Bathroom that has a very clean look, two sinks great cabinets, etc. but lets see what it would take to make it a little bigger and green it up a little bit.  What Grace and Michael thought would be a good idea was to combine the vanity area with the Bathroom in to one larger area.

They rolled around some ideas, did some measurements, spoke with the Homeowners and then were off to do their magic.  Below are the proposed designs that Grace came up with:

First Green Remodel Suggestion

I placed a red arrow where the Vanity outside of the Master Bathroom used to be. Above is a suggestion to enclose the area, keep the Double sinks and place a linen closet where the Vanity used to be.  Below are some more detailed renderings of what the vision is.  Notice the details of lighting, water fixtures and cabinetry that updates the room.

Detailed Green Remodel RenderingSecond Green Remodel Detail

Now for another view of what could happen:

Second Green Remodel Suggestion

Above is the suggestion to close in the area but only have one sink in the large area and place the second sink where the vanity used to be.  Below are the detailed renderings again updating the area.

Detailed Renderings Green RemodelSecond Detailed Green Renovation

All of these are great recommendations! Now, what about some of the materials going in to the renovation:

  • Energy Star Rated Ventilation Fan
  • IceStone Countertops
  • Low and Zero VOC Paints and Primers
  • Pleated Media filter put in to HVAC for healthier air
  • Locally Manufactured and/or Recycled Glass tile blocks for the shower
  • Water Efficient Fixtures
  • Sun Tunnel in the Shower for maximum lighting

That is just a little bit of what would have to go in to this remodel.  There is quite a bit of work with tearing out and rebuilding and even more to take in to consideration to maximize Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency and other Environmentally Responsible features. Next on the list, Cost!  Not only what will it cost to do this massive renovation- But remember, we are rolling this in to a mortgage.  Let’s see what this would work out to be as an approximate Monthly Payment!


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