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Hey Brad Pitt! Share Those Designs!

January 3rd, 2009 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

Being interested in all of the Green Building movement, I try to keep up with all of it pretty well by reading various sites and staying up to date on new construction techniques-products- etc.  Something else that I try to keep up with are just really interesting projects.  One that has caught my eye from the beginning was Brad Pitt’s ‘Make it right‘ project in New Orleans.

How amazing is this whole idea?! LEED Platinum homes for under $150,000~  The Lower 9th is very needy of this kind of construction.  It is more durable not only with lower maintenance but they also stood up without a doubt to Gustav’s fairly recent 115 mph winds.  Combine that with lower utility bills and a healthier home, I’d give everyone on his team a High Five if I met them in person!  Awesome stuff!

But, we are also in dire need of this kind of construction in Houston.  We may not necessarily have the winds or potential flooding in all areas, but affordable Green Housing.  LEED Platinum homes under $150,000 would truly be a DREAM come true for so many people.

Imagine a family with high Medical bills that are in desperate need of a Healthier home to live in? After all, we have a world renowned Medical Center and Cancer Treatment Facility here.  How about just a lower maintenance and lower utility home in general?   We need this in so many areas stretching from North Montgomery County all the way down to the Coast.

But, the cost to build that kind of home is WAY high.  I have thought for quite some time now~ If there were just some practical floorplans out there already designed, it would reduce the cost considerable to both a Homeowner AND Builder/Developer that was interested.

While reading this recent article that talks about how Pitt’s first homes are complete I began to realize how in the world they are accomplishing this task.  Here is a quote:

Heavily subsidized by Pitt’s foundation, the per-house budget of $150,000 is possible because of donated materials and services, including the architects’ designs.

Althought it may not be Practical to think that anyone could get donated materials, how about those Home Designs?  Oh Yeah!

So, Brad~ Mr. Pitt.  How about this?  Sell some of those designs to help raise money for the 60 or so homes left to sponsor.  Builders, Developers and Homeowners all along the Gulf Coast could benefit from the design.  The Design alone would save a CONSIDERABLE amount of money.

What do you think?  The homes may not be able to get under $150,000 – But $175,000 maybe?  That’s well within the Median Price Range of SO many areas.

Anyhow, I’ll stop dreaming now.  Unless of course there are more people that think this is a fantastic idea.  :0)

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  • Myrtle beach foreclosures

    i’m a brad pitt fan and I agree with you I would like to see him expand this idea by selling the plans. we are just starting to see green homes in our area

    Myrtle beach foreclosuress last blog post..Prince Creek Market Update and Foreclosures

  • steph

    Hi Jason, It seems like a win-win situation if they were to do this. But, we’ll see. :) Affordable green housing~ I would love to see more of it.

  • Mona Metzger

    What a nice idea. I believe it’s possible.

    I think it’s just a matter of time before Green Housing is absolutely affordable.

    Creative thinking like this is what will get us there!

  • jarred

    Thanks for the website! I have been in the custom home building business almost 10 years now, and this is totally possible. LEED leaves room for alot of variables, but even if you did not meet the LEED you could still build a very green home by all green standards not just energy us, for the affordable housing mark. I think builders are more scared of working with the government to get paid then anything else. I definitely think it could be done! email me and i will run some ideas past you, thanks again for your site.

  • steph

    Hi Jarred, Absolutely. I’ll shoot you an email in the morning.

    I agree that a home can be hugely green without the LEED certification, but I also think that consumers in general like having the 3rd party verification that they are really getting something green. We are in interesting times right now. :0)

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Jayson

    I’ve heard of Brad Pitt’s development down there but wasn’t aware that it was focused on producing energy efficient homes for so cheap…platinum too.

    I wonder how much the cost of land plays in with the cost of his homes…here’s a pretty sweet link for some free green home plans –

    I imagine green homes will get cheaper and cheaper to build in coming years. I just hope the lower gas prices don’t calm the movement. Most home builders are building greener homes already.

  • Peggy

    Hi Steph,

    Filo sent me the link above. The 99K House Competition is established by The Rice Design Alliance and the objective is to design a 1400SQF single-family home in the 5th ward that can be built for $99K or less. They’ve gone GREEN. I haven’t been involved with the organization for so long that I forgot about them. I’d wish that the RDA would announce the competition more on non-architectural media. I think a lot of people would be very, very interested in these houses.

    Anyway, the 5 finalists’ “boards” are up on the web.

    Enjoy, everyone!!

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