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Paid To Recycle In Houston

January 14th, 2009 · 14 Comments · Green Houston Topics, Green Service Providers

So, I realized the other day when I was doing some research that I really need to do more research.  Maybe some of you GREEN Houstonians out there can help?

I was trying to find a place to Recycle Carpet.   I had heard previously that certain manufacturers would do it, but only certain kinds. I was on a hunt.

Finally, I ran across this company:

Name: Southeast Carpet & Recycling
Street: 5926 South Loop East
Houston, tx 77033-1018
Phone: (713) 734-3775

That was all of the information I could find.    Couldn’t really find a website other than one that was a directory. It kind of peaked my interest, so I decided to call.

I said:

I ran across your information online and it says you do carpet and recycling. Do you recycle the carpet?

The response was:

“YES! We recycle carpet AND padding.”

Wow! Ok. I explained why I was calling and that someone would be in touch with them and as I was about to hang up the Gentleman said:

“Oh, and we will PAY 4 cents per pound on any padding to be recycled”

Oh my. Wow again!  Now, that’s not a whole lot but if you take in to consideration how nasty and grungy carpet padding can be that has been down for years and years…that could add up.   BUT more than anything, it’s an incentive! That would likely pay for the gas to drop it off atleast!

So who else is out there around town that has a program like this?  Besides the City of Houston and Un-Incorporated County Recycling Centers are there ANY that you are aware of?  Are there any that offer some pretty neat incentives like PAYING for what you turn in?

What a great concept.  I’m hoping that some of my readers can help make a larger list here.  I would be happy to create another page that includes Recycling Options in and around Houston.

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  • Deb

    This is fantastic! My carpet needs replacing but I didn’t want to send it to the landfill.

    Also, is there a place to recycle a stainless steel kitchen sink?


  • steph

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks for stopping by! Habitat for Humanity has 2 stores in Houston that would probably be happy to take your stainless steel kitchen sink.

    There are a couple of different locations in Houston so here is a link to help you find the one closest to you. They also have some pretty cool stuff that you can buy if you are needing some other stuff for the home. Good luck and Thanks again!

  • Shawna

    Hello I am wondering, where can I buy carpet and padding made with recycled material in the Houston area?


  • Jenny

    I was looking for a place to recycle my carpet and ran across this site. Thanks for posting the Southeast Carpet & Recycling info. I called 1-800-GOT-JUNK and found out they recycle carpet. They have to come pickup your junk (for a fee) and recycle or donate about 75%?? of what they pickup. If you are not familiar with them checkout the site


  • Jenny

    Stephanie, below are the 2 places I found that take only nylon carpet and of course I have wool carpet I need to recycle.

    Foam Recycle Center

    Carpet Recovery International Inc


  • Jordan


    My name is Jordan and I’m a carpet and flooring installer in Lincoln, NE, and I’d like to add a few bits of information to this:

    Carpet itself is very EXPENSIVE to recycle, as the face fibers are made from different types of nylon polymers (amongst others), and depending on the type used, recycling centers cannot recycle them, or simply don’t have the means to separate the backing from the face fibers. The backing of carpet is usually a latex/polyethylene, which is also not a very easy task to remove. According to, it typically costs between 5-25 cents (USD) PER pound to recycle carpet between the start and end process of recycling.

    Carpet pad typically can be recycled quite easily, and even here in Lincoln most stores will pay around 4 cents a pound for old pad. For Joe Schmo (not installer), that’s not an incredible amount, but if you’re pulling 2000+sq ft of pad from a house, you’re going to be making a few dollars. With all of the work that we do, we recycle ALL PAD that we remove, and it serves well as gas money for our large cargo van used for installation!

    As a side project, I personally like to use remnants from new installations that the owners didn’t want as door runners, garage carpet (great for soaking up oil under the car, or having a carpet mat in front of a work bench); if the carpet is jute-back (a plant fiber backing used up until the late 70’s maybe early 80’s) then you can use the carpet in a garden as a weed suppressor (like plastic wrap, but the jute biodegrades over time.)

    As for recycling steel and metal, call your local recycling plant or look for a steel or aluminum recycling center. When we dropped off a stove to them, they didn’t offer any cash for it, but at least it was being recycled and parted out as opposed to sitting in the land fill (which was option B.)

    Hope that helps, and good luck with your future endeavors!

  • Jeffrey Wilson

    Hello city of houston and surrounding areas. I am a small business owner. the name of my company is j’s moving and hauling. I would come out to your place of business as well as your home and pick up all metals and carpet as well as padding. You can contact me at 832-880-4938 if you have any questions….

  • steph

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for the information. I am still trying to get a full list together as well. Please let me know if you run across any more.


  • Jason Garcia

    If you have an old mattress you want to have recycled instead of it going into a landfill give us a call. We come to your home/business and remove it. Pick Up is free but there is a disposal fee.

    Saving the planet one mattress at a time

    Jason Garica
    Driver for Mattress Recyclers of Houston Inc.

  • steph

    Hi Jason,

    Can you add your company to my business directory? Link below.

    Add your company page

  • Stephanie

    We sell nylon Carpet which has been recycled through Shaw and Mohawk Industries.
    There is actually a carpet out there called PET or Polyethylene terephthalate which is made from recycled soda/ketchup etc bottles. This keeps millions of bottles out of landfills every month!!
    Please see our web-sites :
    or :
    We Build Custom Homes, Install Fine Flooring and Complete Renovations THE “GREEN WAY”

  • liz

    I know this place they recycle carpet and pay the padding is ….. EL TIGRE CARPET & RECYCLE 11600 todd houston tx 77055

  • Dee

    Items no longer needed can be posted on the following website and people who can use the items will respond to your post and arrange for pick up.
    A great way to keep things out of landfills and help others at the same time without having to take the item somewhere.

  • Taylor Alameter

    I’ve found that often junk removal service places will sometimes recycle the stuff they pick up from you. Just another reason to have them stop by! It’s not just because I’m lazy!

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