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Green Residential Houston Appraisers

February 10th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Green Service Providers

One of the pieces to the puzzle when buying or building a ‘Green’ or Sustainable home is of course the ‘Valuation’ of the Property – Or as most people know it, the Appraisal.

For a couple years now I have searched Houston top to bottom trying to find a Residential Appraiser who is experienced in doing appraisals on these kind of properties. The homes can be quite unique when built green while Solar, GeoThermal and other Sustainable features in the home can make it difficult to know exactly how much should be added to the Value.

Well, I thought I would just put this out there to see if anyone around knows of a good ‘Green’ Appraiser in the Houston area.

Also, if you run across this and think that you may want to get involved, the Appraisal Institute now offers a set of courses on ‘The Valuation of Green Residential Properties‘ and can be taken online.  The course was offered in Austin a few months ago but does not appear on the Houston schedule yet this year.

So, comments are open!  If you are a ‘green’ appraiser or know of one.  I would love to know about them!



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  • Rita Bradley

    Hi. I think there are just barely enough homes with green features for a couple of appraisers to become experts. Most appraisers don’t turn down jobs for these type properties so perhaps they are all slowly becoming experts.

    Teramor in Ladera Ranch, California was an early adapter large neighborhood of Green Homes.

    My understanding is that some buyers won’t pay more for green features…each market is different.

  • steph

    Hi Rita, Greener homes are not uncommon down here but true green or LEED Certified homes may be considered that.

    We have a handful of LEED Certified homes on the market down here and Austin is not so far away where Green Building is very common.

    Thanks for the update in California. People are willing to spend more here for green homes. It just depends on what price range they are in as to how much more they are willing to spend.

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