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A Little Help, Please

October 5th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi Everyone,

I put together a short video below to tell you what I have going on here but I was wondering if you had about 5 seconds to vote?  These are a couple of questions I have for anyone in the Real Estate Industry.  Can you help?

What are your thoughts regarding Green building?


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  • Loretta Blendermann

    For my clients…they are always concerned with energy. Rather it be double pane windows, insulation, radiant barrier, if the AC/heating units are up-to-date and working properly etc. Gas vs Electirc…They are concerned about energy cost for them.
    What I don’t see them concerned with much are things friendly materials such as flooring, countertops, etc.

    I personally have not felt it was such a great need yet that I should run out and become green certificed but maybe in the future..?? It could be the wave of the future but right now the cost is soo high for most home owners to even consider making their homes green when solar panals are soo expensive here vs other states and the HOA’s need to get on board and start approving those type changes such as solar panals..right now we are having problems getting HOA’s to approve them because they are not pleaseing to the eye.. I just feel we still have a long way to go before it is the norm..

    Hope this helps!

  • steph

    Hi Loretta, Of course it helps. :) I’m putting some information together to see if some of my opinions are correct. Your answer is perfect. What state are you in?

  • Tom Burris

    Hey Steph,

    DallasLoanGuy here.

    I voted no. Then after thinking(and seeing the second part of the poll) I remember a couple of times where people wanted to upgrade something like windows and roll it into the mortgage.
    Lenders allow for escrow holdbacks in certain situations, but this is tricky and thy shy away from it!

    If we could get lenders or sponsoring agencies(FHA/Fannie/Freddie) to allow financing of these upgrades(with limits) then I think we could see more of a gren push.

    Sellers simply don’t have the motivation to green up a home for sale.

  • Lacrima Cosnean


    good job on the video!…
    I personally commend you for being a “Green Realtor”, keep up the good work.
    I enjoy reading your posts and share some of them with my clients that have an interest.
    Overall though, people are not ‘asking directly’ for ‘Green Homes’, but most of them don’t even know what Green means…it can be as basic as
    ‘lots of natural light’, ‘hardwood floors’, ‘long lasting roof’, ‘efficient A/C’, ‘efficient appliances’ etc….so in a way, we actually all have clients that are interested…now we need to just take them a step further… People feel and see the difference when they walk into a home that has a great a layout and takes advantage of the different sun exposures throughout the day. A home’s energy efficiency has a lot to do with its orientation and flow, so ‘indirectly’ my clients ARE asking for Green Design. People also appreciate a well designed indoor-outdoor connection, and being able to open up windows and doors to cross ventilate. I have some listings right now where the Design Team integrated those elements into the homes. Note that all the people that walked into those homes feel and know the difference….but nobody actually calls that GREEN.
    I find that most don’t want to pay extra for ‘GREEN’, only a few and those few have been ‘GREEN advocates’ for a while and they want to go all the way and get LEED certifications and show that they bought a ‘superior GREEN product’.
    I think if WE continue educating ourselves and our clients and point out those differences in a home…we are doing our job. Eventually builders will integrate more and more into their homes, like GREEN INSULATION PRODUCTS, USE RENEWABLE ENERGY TO COOL AND HEAT HOMES, USE LOCAL AND NATURAL MATERIALS, AND BUILD TO LAST….well, all we need to do is take an example on European Architecture and we are set ? Lets keep pushing for ‘GREENER, HEALTHIER, MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES’, it’s important for our own good but also for generations to come.

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