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To HECK With Climate Change – Blog Action Day ’09

October 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Green Houston Events

October 15th every year is Blog Action Day -  This is one day where Bloggers across the world unite to write about one topic to try and raise awareness.  This year the topic happens to be about Climate Change.  The single most topic that I try hard to NOT write about due to its tendency to upset people for one reason or another.

So for Blog Action Day today I am dedicating this post to ALL Real Estate Professionals.  To HECK with Climate Change.  To HECK with ‘Green’.  Let’s forget about it and have an open mind..atleast while you read this.

You see, its not just about Climate Change.  Its about better opportunities.  Its about better building practices.  Regardless of how you feel about Environmental issues this is something that you should strongly consider.

What we do at home, how we build our homes has not only an Environmental impact but an Economic impact as well.  I would like to find a couple of Real Estate Agents around the Country that would like to try a little experiment with me here.  It’s really simple.

ASK your CLIENTS IF THEY CARE.  That’s it.

When we build a greener home or renovate a home to greener standards it does indeed benefit the Environment.  My personal research shows that people do care, they just don’t look at it as being Environmental or ‘Green’We don’t think they care about Green because they are asking the question in a different way.

Here are some Direct Cause and Effects that we should consider in our homes and in our Communities.

Recycling and Landfills:  We don’t recycle enough and our landfills are over run with garbage.

  • It pollutes our water streams that we as kids USED to play in until they posted signs against it…from pollution.
  • Taxes WILL eventually go up for land acquisition for you to put your TRASH
  • Carbon Emissions taking trash to and fro.
  • Seriously, what good does the trash do for us in a landfill? Give me ONE good thing about it.

More Energy Efficient:  Some peoples Heating and Cooling bills are as much as their house note or rent

  • Carbon Emissions are saved, Yes.
  • Lower Utility bills?
  • More money throughout the month?
  • Can afford a larger home if desired?
  • What is one BAD thing about Energy Efficiency?

Indoor Air Quality:  Not necessarily something that directly affects Climate Change, however -

  • ASK if your clients care.
  • When studying Indoor Air Quality, it is directly affected by the Efficiency of the home

So Called Green Features such as Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Solar Panels, etc.  I’m putting these all in to one Category.

  • ASK.  You may be surprised.  Every little thing helps the environment but can actually benefit the home buyer as well.

Instead of blurting out that a home (in whiny voice) has solar panels or a tankless hot water heater – Let’s ask. How do you feel about Solar Panels?  This home is 50% more efficient than the next -What do you think about that?

So really, to heck with Climate Change.  To heck with Green.  For now.  Give me a good reason why any of this is bad.  Ask homebuyers if they care about the EFFECT of a Green feature.  Let me know what you find out.

When considering the Life Cycle of any product it has a huge Environmental and Economic impact.  Cradle to Cradle – From the Raw product – Manufacturing – Transportation…and so on.  But, let’s consider as an industry what people really do want.  The only way to know?  Ask the Question.


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  • Tadas N.

    My goodness Steph, I love this post! Seriously, too many people have resistence to all this “green” terminology and miss the most important points of them all – Energy, Indoor air, waste and all the rest that you mentioned. Glad you put this out there.


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