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Do You Have ‘Green’ Cosmetics?

February 25th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Over the past couple of weeks I have personally experienced some interesting sensitivities to different chemicals and have tied it back to shortly after a new cleaner that was used for the bathrooms. It’s been really annoying – skin irritations, eye irritations, etc.

So, this has me on the look out for new products to use. I’ll be heading down to New Living to pick up some cleaning supplies but I’m also on the look out for Makeup, shampoo, soaps, etc.

Do you have a product that I should try? I’m thinking about doing a series on Turning Houston Green about it if the products can be purchased locally.

What do you recommend? I would like for a full list of ingredients prior to using it though.

Try me at or just leave a comment. Interested in hearing what kind of alternatives are out there for beauty products in Houston!!

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  • Chris

    I assume you are already familiar with We used that recently to find options for all personal care products and as we use up things like shampoo we are switching to those products that have better “scores”.

  • Donnie

    My wife and I stopped by the just-opened One Green Street @ Buffalo Speedway and Westpark in West U. They have a bunch of green cosmetics, but I naturally don’t pay attention to any of that.

    Their site is here: It doesn’t seem like they have the makeup products listed on there, yet.

  • LivingtheGreenLife

    Take a look at Lanique Botanicals ( developed by Houston Naturopath, Dr. Loretta Lanphier. This skincare line was developed for those that want effective skincare without toxic chemicals. She has also formulated a clean and non-toxic bioidentical progesterone cream, Oasis Serene ( that is helping thousands of women with hormone imbalance in a safe and non-toxic manner. (compounding pharmacists use base creams full of chemicals and preservatives). Check them out and let Dr. L know what you think – staff at

  • steph

    I was actually looking at their website for something completely different the other day and it looks interesting. Thank you for the information!

    Chris, I actually did not know about that website. Thanks for sharing it!!

    Hi Donnie, I keep trying to make it down that way. I looked at their website some time ago and remember the stuff being really expensive…but they may have other stuff in the store.

  • Satin Panties ยท

    cleaning supplies should have earth friendly organic ingredients so that they do not harm the environment **”

  • Veisha

    I have not purchased any “Green Cosmetics” yet, however I know exactly where to go-One Green Street off of Buffalo Speedway and 59. There is a Whole Body section that has cosmetics from Sari Motley and W3ll People. I think it is amazing, there are products kids and men too! I plan to make my purchase very soon. The prices are affordable too. Today I purchase a Coconut Milk bath that was amazing! Soon I will be hooked!

    I hope this helps,

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