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Greenstar Recycling and Houston Dynamo – What does this mean for Houston

December 8th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Green Houston Events, Green Houston Topics

Yesterday was the big announcement that you have likely heard if you are a sports fanatic.  I personally was very excited to see two of my favorite things combine – Sustainability and Soccer. It was even more exciting to be at the press conference where the new soccer jersey was unveiled.

But in case you haven’t heard, Greenstar Recycling is the new Jersey and Recycling Sponsor of the Houston Dynamo soccer club.

Twitter was buzzing with thoughts on the new jersey. Personally, I’m about to order one because I think it pretty much ROCKS! Unless of course someone would like to send me one. I’ll gladly take the donation. (the new soccer balls are pretty sweet also)

Houston Dynamo mentioned at the press conference that the want their new venue and their club to be the greenest in the Nation. Brian Ching said the new jersey was “Awesome”.

The press conference was mostly all about Houston Dynamo. What was not discussed to great length was Greenstar. It’s no secret if you read the news or are on Twitter that they paid appx. $12.7 Million to sponsor the jerseys and to be the clubs recycling sponsor. What the soccer news has failed to mention is that Greenstar is also, next week in fact, opening the very first Single Stream Recycling Facility in Houston.

The new facility will be appx. 90,000 square feet and cost appx. (if my scribble during the press conference was accurate) $7 Million to build. Those combined is a whole lotta cash and should speak highly of the company’s potential.

According to Matt Delnick, CEO of Greenstar, the new facility means more Green jobs in Houston and a stronger emphasis on Single Stream recycling in the Houston area. He hopes that when fans see the Greenstar logo it will inspire them to focus on sustainability and think about recycling. With recycling being on the books as a plan in the new stadium let’s hope this will be true.

It is also not secret that Houston has a poor recycling rate that is improving with programs such as RecycleBank and strong efforts through not only companies like Greenstar but the City of Houston as well. But I think the emphasis needs to be on the fact that Greenstar does not just do Recycling, they do single stream recycling.

In a blog post that I did in the past, Mike Simmons stated that “People want to do the right thing… When recycling is made easy, people do it”

As opposed to having to separate all of your recyclables into separate bins, everything that is recyclable goes in to one making it easy and less time consuming to do the right thing. Perhaps Greenstar will take advantage of this opportunity in being the recycling partner of Houston Dynamo and be able to not only handle the recycling in the new stadium but to educate the soccer fans on what single stream recycling really means. Maybe be able to show them first hand thus inspiring them to action at home or in their office.

What will happen to the soda, popcorn and beer cups once it leaves the stadium? Where does it go from there?  I am anxious to see how Greenstar Recycling will maximize this newly formed partnership.

It’s an enormous partnership for sustainability in the City of Houston. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the thoughts of random Soccer Fans throughout the Nation over the next couple of years and to see how it not only improves the awareness and importance of recycling in Houston, but the impression that the Nation will have on us as a City. Three Cheers for Houston Dynamo and Greenstar Recycling for having the passion to help make great strides.

For those of you that like video, here is one of the ACTUAL unveiling of the uniform and a video to learn more about Greenstar and what they represent as a Corporation.


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