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A New Year, A New Beginning

January 1st, 2011 · No Comments · Green Builders and Developers, Green Houston Communities, Green Houston Events, Green Houston Topics, Green Market Reports, Green Products, Green Service Providers, market reports, Uncategorized

So, news from here for the New Year: As of a couple of days ago I have decided to put my real estate license inactive. I decided to do this for multiple reasons which if you really want to know I can share with you but really the purpose of this blog post is to figure out what topic to take TurningHoustonGreen. I have yet to decide that but considering all things green really inspire and interest me, a more sustainable lifestyle is one that I strive for everyday, the topic will usually be one shade of green or another.

For now, I thought I would leave a few thoughts regarding the Green Real Estate/Construction and sustainability in general.

  • Builders – They need desperate help with their marketing.  Green has become an extremely vague term and becomes more so everyday.  Using the term green will not make you sell.  An email I received recently from a builder had “Extra Bling for the Holidays” as the subject.  Really?  Bling?  *sigh*  No further Comments
  • Industry in General – The term green is just, well, it needs to go away.  Green Construction is going to see some legal issues most likely.  If you don’t believe me, just check out the Houston Chronicle article from Christmas Day 2010 with the Attorney doing a Q&A with borderline very wrong information.  It was pretty sad actually.  Most builders that do LEED Homes have very well outlined contracts to help with this.  The side that needs the most help would be the Real Estate side of it.  Perhaps adendums from the Texas Real Estate Commission to help the Realtor community out with this?  I’ve suggested this before as well.
  • Consumers –  Well, let’s just say maybe a buyer beware.  Ask a ton of questions.  Information on this blog will forever stay here.  Use it to help you if you want.  Find out what truly makes the home ‘green’.  Ask about offgassing of products,  Energy Efficiency, Insulation and of course certification.  Without the performance testing you truly do not know what you are getting.  For resale purposes the reports help as well.

From a marketing, not real estate standpoint, if you or your company need advice – I’m happy to help.  However, I’m not inclined to work for free so be prepared for a consultation fee.

Cheers to a New Year and New Beginnings.  Posts you may see in the future may be very random regarding things that interest me.  Including something I bought and am waiting to get delivered.  It’s a window weatherization product put out by the Duck company that comes with shrink wrap.  I figured for 8 bucks who could pass it up, right?  But regardless, posts will be no holds barred and fully opinionated.


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