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Hospital Food is Lame

February 26th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Pureed Foods

If you are used to eating a pretty healthy diet without preservatives and sugars – Eating your veggies because Mom said to – Understanding that having the same stuff in your food that is used to preserve concrete, deice planes and chemicals that are used in anti-freeze are not very cool things to have in your food – Besides being on vacation and being held hostage by fast food restaurants, being stuck somewhere for a couple weeks where you don’t have a choice of what goes in your food is the next worse thing.  Atleast in my opinion anyhow.

What’s worst is having a family member in the hospital who can’t choose what they want to eat.  They are at mercy of whatever they are served.

I know it sounds like I’m knocking hospitals, but I’m really not.  I completely understand that any institution has to serve massive amounts of people and do the best they can with what they have.  This just happens to be my situation right now.

When you are used to eating healthy, whole foods your body will probably disagree with ‘normal’ food in large amounts.  I’m starting this series on how to prepare food for someone that is on what is called a dysphagia 1 diet.  Otherwise known as pureed foods.  Kind of like baby food.  I searched and searched but had a horrible time finding baby food recipes for a more sophisticated palate so have come up with my own ideas.  Believe it or not, I’ve found most anything can be pureed if you play around with it enough.  You can also thicken as needed if you need to do so if they can eat thicker, but not solid, food.

The only purpose of this is to maybe help someone in the future who may be in the same situation.  I’ve prepared food and taken it to the person.  They love it actually.  Its light on the stomach, full of REAL nutrition and I’ve found that there are actually several uses for the purees besides eating it that way.  We’ve used it as salsa, stock bases for other recipes, etc.

I’m not a nutritionist.  I’m not a doctor.  Don’t use this stuff for that purpose.  But if you need recipes to feed a child or adult who can’t have solid food feel free.  As I make stuff, I’ll post it.  Before and After pictures so you can see what goes in food processor.  Ideas on thickening or watering down certain foods to get a decent consistency.  Everything that goes in to these recipes is real food.  No chemicals.  No preservatives.  Just food.

Since this has absolutely nothing to do with what I normally put on this site I just wanted to write this and let you know why in the world I’m sharing recipes for pureed foods.   I believe strongly that good nutrition is most important with people.  Especially if they have been in the hospital with heavy medications, anesthesia and Lord knows what else going on with them.  So, this is just another one of my interesting adventures.

If you find this post and want to link to the recipes just use the category links to find pureed foods.

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  • Sharon

    My dad has jaw cancer and he can not swallow food because his mouth is so sore. I would like it if you could send me some of your recipes for pureed foods. I have been making different soups and putting them through the blender using Chicken broth, potatoes, squash, carrots, parsley & a can of thick condensed soup to thicken and give more flavor. He’s been doing pretty good with this but I am running out of ideas. If you could send me some ideas I would appreciate it. Thank-you very much.

  • Pat Osborn

    I need pureed food with very low salt and lactose free milk. I have sjogren’s disease (no saliva) which also affects digestion. I do my own cooking and have a food processor but I would like to have some flavor though I cannot handle strong seasonings or acidic foods.

  • samanth

    I need some recipes for my brother with mouth cancer like eggs and toast please

  • Shelley Hickman

    My mom passed away in May and shortly after he got pneumonia and was in hospital for six weeks now his is in home pallitive care. I need ideas and recipes could you help m????

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