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Let the kids be kids!

April 26th, 2011 · No Comments · Texas Is Beautiful

I am a little late writing an Earth Day post but a little late is better than never.  This year I thought I would try to write something a little different.  Most of the topics on this site are directly related to homes.  Energy efficiency, renewable energy and green homes in general.  Since I’ve been taking a break from work and trying to figure out what I am going to do, much of my time has been with my kids.  Finding stuff to keep them busy, keeping up with their school work and so on.  Just being a Mom.

My youngest is 5 and he is a ball of fire.  Always wanting to do something and just being a boy in general.  He’s pretty funny actually.  Last year about this time I decided that he needed to run off boy energy.  When we were young, probably most of anyone that would read this, we did not have the video game technology we have today or 24 hours of cartoons on 200 channels constantly engaging our attention.  We usually spent our days outdoors.  Finding strange looking bugs, riding bikes and climbing trees.  I decided to shut down cable and telephones and revisit the outdoors every once in a while.

We went on a road trip through Central Texas last summer and visited a handful Texas State Parks.  What better way to appreciate ‘the environment’ than to be in it, right?  We have since found several parks and creeks in the area that we like to visit fairly often.  Even if it is hot outside we just load up with water and a picnic and start walking.

Recently however I have noticed that some people tend to have an aversion to being outdoors.  The family picnic has changed to one that is spent indoors at the playground in Chick-Fil-A or some other fast food restaurant.   School parties held indoors because it is 87 degrees outside.  Maybe it is too hot, maybe it is too humid, maybe we are just lazy.  I have no idea but Spring in Texas is awesome and it is no better time to go treasure hunting in your favorite park.

In an effort to share how beautiful Texas really is and how important it is for kids to experience the outdoors atleast every once in a while I have decided to start a new series.  I will share some of our experiences and places that we have visited and I would love for you to share yours too!  I am working on a Flickr Group for us to share our photos of favorite outdoors places to visit in Texas and hopefully will put together a contest of some sort.

Nothing says funsucker like heading to your favorite spot and see it littered with Gatorade bottles and sandwich bags or seeing graffiti on an awesome rock formation.  Let’s get those kids outside so they can appreciate the enormous outdoors and its endless adventures.  Maybe more will be like my little guy and not be afraid to explain what litter is and how to stop it along with building an appreciation for dirt more than concrete or a green beetle more than an electric cord.

Below are a few pictures that I will be writing about in the coming weeks.  In the mean time, what is your favorite outdoors destination in Texas?

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